Trust Us


Are you at a critical phase in your business? Are you thinking about what growth looks like for you and wonder how you are to get there?

Our commitment is to become your business partner and a part of your team.

  • OUR PURPOSE is Freedom Generation and that is to generate freedom for you to grow your business through providing services in a way that are viable. While we are sometimes a remote style service, we can also be face to face with your clients or in your workspace. Executive Republic is an exclusive and professional service providing options and solutions to small businesses and single operators. Whether you need someone for one hour a day, a week in every month or every day of the week, we have a service for you.
  • OUR PHILOSOPHY is “to be there as if you were there”. Our service is tailored specifically to your needs, leaving you free to get on with what you do best – running your business – Freedom Generation
  • OUR PASSION is to provide old fashioned service with a new way of thinking. What is important is that your clients are made to feel important whilst we generate the Freedom for you to grow your Business and achieve your business goals – Freedom Generation
    We have experienced team members that have their own specialised skills and yet all possess the one fundamental attribute in common….a sincere passion and care for their customers. Our team can provide you with the skills of an Executive Assistant, Sales Executive and Receptionist all rolled into one, negating the need for 3 separate employees. You can safely hand over those tasks that are tying you down and stopping you from getting on with the job – Freedom Generation
    We are passionate about our team. We invest in them to develop the latest skills and competencies keeping up to date with current trends across all facets of business. We are in the business of growing our people personally and professionally. Our ambition is for all our team to be smarter and more capable than any business owner could dream of being. This is key to our success and of course equally to our clients. We have an open door policy, encouraging ideas and creativity. Our wish is that no member of the team turns up to work unless they want to be there.
    • We will always be local, never offshore
    • Our assistants are fully invested in the role, becoming an extension of you and your business keeping your client feeling connected and having faith in your ability to provide your service or product.
    • Our sophisticated technology and investment in our people gives you exclusive service.
    • Flexible and tailored services to meet your growing business needs