Staying Connected and Engaged with Your Clients

For many businesses, right now is an opportunity to build stronger connections with clients and make them lifelong fans.

Even when the world is facing uncertain times, you cannot stop your engagement and marketing efforts. In fact, it’s essential that you are more proactive and agile than ever.

Your clients are incredibly important as without them, you have no business which is why we suggest you stay connected and engaged throughout this pandemic period.

Here are a few clever and effective ways to stay connected with the people who mean success to your business:

Being transparent with your updates will build trust and loyalty.
Communicate your plan forward with the recent changes and adjustments that you have had to make due to the virus outbreak. This will keep your clients informed and have them as part of your plans as they unfold.

If you are shutting your business down temporarily, assure your clients that you will be back soon. Tell them what you are doing while you are taking time out and what to expect from the bigger and better you!

If it’s appropriate, add humor in your message to lighten the mood and show your personality, be authentic always.

Your brand message should remain constant during these uncertain times.
If you have urgent communication that you need to deliver to your clients or employees, use SMS alerts as that is the best way to quickly grab the attention of your target audience.

Use emails, podcasts or webinars to connect with your clients in the virtual world and keep them updated with information that will help them and their business. Acting in a way of giving and sharing knowledge is the ideal way to show that you are sincere in helping their business.

Host virtual events to connect with your target audience and keep them in the loop about your latest products and offerings. Give them an opportunity to participate in your events if possible.

Distinguish your brand from the rest of the competitors.
An ideal way to do this is to have a consistent brand message and inform your clients about the core values of your company.

Give content that helps other business. When we come from a place of sincere interest in others, it stays in peoples’ minds.

Add a personal touch to your communication with your clients so that they can feel more comfortable going through your messages. Use images that convey your message in a clear and concise form, and that are associated with your brand.

Last but not the least, shy away from sharing negative messages. Being positive and upbeat when everyone else is communicating doom and gloom will set you apart from your competitors and other businesses.