Events & Conferences

Taking Your Event to More People, Easily

The Coronavirus has people scrapping in-person events, conferences and seminars. However, our team can produce a live online event for your attendees, so your business can continue as normal, and you may even attract more people than you would have to your physical event!

Moving to an online experience means adding new benefits, and even more value. The team at Executive Republic can plan and execute the entire online event from invitations and data capturing to seamless live feeds, and even breakout rooms.

We can provide expertise in the lead up to your event with PR & Media Releases, Communication Planning, Direct Marketing Campaigns and the end growth strategies such as sales follow-up processes, data capture and reporting.

If you’re feeling really creative, we can even arrange unique ways to make your online attendees feel like they’re right in the room with you. We have our secret ideas that will take your event to the next level and make it unforgettable….

We deliver an experience that makes your clients and attendees thrilled to be taking part, and we get results and genuinely love to see our clients succeed.

Let’s discuss how we can plan your online event to perfection, and make your business brilliant.