How to Keep Business in Australia Going during the Pandemic

Australians are facing uncertain times due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The number of medical casualties is increasing every day, and whilst the Government is doing what they can to flatten the curve, the bigger concern is the rate of casualties for Australian businesses.

This has set the population at a great level of unease, however it is important to remember that things will not always stay like this, and just like every crisis this world has faced before, people will overcome this pandemic and some will rise stronger than before.

So, how can Australians ensure that business transitions into a new normal once the virus outbreak is contained and the situation reaches a level of order? This article explores some of the ways people can create a continuity plan through these turbulent times.

1. Keeping the economy in shape for our future
The Covid-19 pandemic is sweeping through the world and people have been caught off guard due to the effects of this virus. As it is a contagious virus that can spread easily, people have stopped going out of their houses and economies have slowed down due to the inactivity caused by this pandemic.

Some are saying that we have the potential to fall into recession if we lose focus on staying productive as we navigate through these times.

This is why organisations and their leaders, even their people, need to come together to work towards smart and innovative solutions that can help their businesses keep momentum or shift direction during times of crisis. If the economy is in good shape, the country can come out of this pandemic in better shape than we might think.

2. Maintain the momentum of businesses
Companies need to adapt to keep their momentum during these challenging times. Plan to keep operational, set up remote workstations for their people so that when we are forced to operate and stay home, businesses can still be conducted by leveraging the power of the internet. There are multiple tools that organisations can make use of to help them achieve their productivity targets.

3. Steering people through these tough times with solid leadership
People can easily become afraid during times of uncertainty, and so it is up to the leaders and management to display solid leadership skills that can assure people that everything will be fine and that they are taking steps to combat the impact to the business of the virus outbreak. People need a calming presence that can give them confidence that you are taking measures to protect the future of the business, and companies have a duty to ensure that their employees are taken care of during times of hardship.

4. Get a plan that can be executed with agility
Companies need to be agile if they want to keep productive and stay ahead of their competitors. Planning, while not easy, is critical. Design some outcome-based activity with KPI’s and targets that people can complete by working remotely, this should be up there at the top of the agenda. Supervisors and managers, it’s time to take to the task by ensuring that the plan is executed with focus and as much structure as possible. By maintaining constant communication with your teams, you can ensure that you are hitting your goals and staying ahead of deadlines even while working from home.

5. Make use of automated tools to increase the efficiency and accountability
Automated tools make it easy for you to achieve daily and weekly targets with ease. Train your employees to use Zoom so that all your team members can stay in constant communication while working remotely. You can even carry out sales presentations by leveraging the power of technology. Working from home should not be an excuse to fall behind your deadlines, and if you can take your business online, you can beat this pandemic and keep everything running smoothly.

Asana is another lifesaver for teams to maintain tasks, manage projects and even communicate with clients.

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