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Suit up your Business

Becoming a Business Now you are ready to go ahead with your great product idea or service it is time to get yourself an identity. Here are just a few things you will need to do to get the ball rolling. Business Plan All of the tips from “Know your Market” are essential to creating […]

Know your Market

Welcome Executive Republic series for small businesses and sole traders. In this series we will give your start up idea some tips that we have learnt along our journey. Know Your Market Once you have defined your research objective it is important to know your Market, Customers and Competitors. Gather the research to interpret the […]

Prepare for Take Off

Now you have your systems and basic communication platforms set up it’s time to prepare yourself to launch. Being able to communicate your product or service effectively is absolutely critical. You have less than 60 seconds to engage someone with your sales pitch and possibly less if they land on your website. Part of this […]

Your Handcrafted Business

Your personality and image Now that you have set things up and have your plan in order there a few essential things to put in place before you go out searching for potential clients. Take your time to personally craft your image and your appeal to make sure you are alluring the right type of […]

The Most Important Aspect of Customer Service

Do you ever leave your phones unattended thus un contactable by potential or existing clients? Do you ever get too busy that you just can’t simply check and respond to all your emails? The fact that your clients can’t connect with you could be doing some serious damage to your business. According to recent Amex […]