Australia lacking in good old fashioned

Recent research conducted by AMEX across the world is telling us something we all probably already knew, but have just grown to live with.


Our consumers are continuously left feeling empty after their shopping transactions.

Why is this happening??

Small businesses and sole traders are struggling to turn the poor customer service trend around, because they can’t afford to employ somebody ‘front of house’ to maintain consistent, high quality customer service. Many of these businesses are devoting all their time and energy to getting prices down.


It is not likely that consumers are going to choose your product or service if you offer low prices but a poor shopping experience.

Recent studies have shown that 9/10 Australians will choose products or services based on recommendation by friends and family. Poor customer service experiences are not going to get you the recommendations and free marketing you need.

Is your business missing that element of old fashioned service where people walk away feeling pleasantly surprised about their experience with you. Do You need that old fashioned girl Friday to get things done? Well it can be at your fingertips any day of the week. Call us to help you to get your customers do your advertising.